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Filters For All Air Cleaning Systems

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Portable Air Cleaners
Portable air cleaners and
purifiers for home and workplace:
Austin Air
IQ Air
Blue Air
Airflow Systems

Commercial Systems
Air cleaning systems for office, school, laboratory,
medical care, mortuary, beauty and nail salons, bars, restaurants, gaming:
Airflow Systems
Austin Air
IQ Air
Blue Air

Industrial Systems
For industrial plants, construction, military and schools:
Air cleaners, dust and fume collectors, chemical vapor abatement, odor control, fume exhaust, downdraft table, portable paint booth, bag house, wet collector, backdraft booths, environmental booths, portable weld fume collectors, industrial vacuum, bag filters, air scrubbers, cartridge filter systems, industrial ventilation, pollution emissions control.

Activated Charcoal
Activated charcoal and carbon products in bulk for chemical gas vapor, water pollution and odor control:
Charcoal pellets
Granular carbon
Powdered carbon

Vehicle Exhaust Removal
Vehicle exhaust removal systems for autos, trucks, construction equipment, blowers, hoses, reels, connectors...everything needed to get the exhaust out of a building.

Odor Control Systems
Non-toxic odor control and neutralizing systems for medical care, plant emissions, sewage treatment, mortuaries:
Vaportek Distributor

Replacement Filters
Pleated, bag, HEPA, charcoal, electrostatic, MERV, polyester, cartridge filters for all equipment and applications.

A variety of rental equipment is available for all types of uses.

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Since 1979 we have made it our mission to provide replacement filters for every air cleaning system we have provided to our customers.  Over the years we have developed an extensive network of suppliers that offer both stock "off the shelf" and custom filters for any application.



Pleated Filters

There are hundreds of brands and styles of pleated filters manufactured around the world.  Efficiencies vary from 20% to 99% measured by standard testing procedures.  Measure your existing filter, count the pleats, write down the efficiency information and give us a call.  We can supply it quickly and easily at a competitive price.





Specialty Filters For Portable
Air Cleaners For Home
And Workplace

Many portable air cleaners use proprietary filters that must be bought from the air cleaner manufacturer, but we can often buy direct from the filter manufacturer, even if the air cleaner is discontinued and obsolete.  Most of these air cleaners include a combination of high efficiency HEPA and charcoal filters for particulates and gasses.




Ultra-High Efficiency HEPA Filters For
Commercial, Medical and Industrial Applications

HEPA filters were originally developed during World War II by the military to capture radioactive dusts in nuclear facilities.  HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air.  HEPA filters continue to be used today in critical hazardous environments to abate asbestos, heavy metals, biohazards and other toxins and carcinogens.




Activated Charcoal And Other Carbon Products

For capturing gaseous vapors and odors, even high efficiency HEPA filters are 100% ineffective.  The standard filtration method for chemical pollution is activated charcoal, sometimes in combination with potassium permanganate or iodide pellets, and zeolite mineral pellets.  We sell these adsorber media in bulk or in disposable filters of any size.




Multipocket Bag Filters

Bag filters are used for a big variety of dust and smoke applications.  All sizes, styles and efficiency ratings are available.




Cartridge Filters

Many industrial air cleaning and dust collecting systems we sell employ cleanable cartridge filters for high efficiency and low cost of operation.  Shown here is a cartridge filter with the patented Vibra-Pulse compressed air cleaning system.



Polyester, Cloth, Paper, Urethane, Fiberglass
And Other Filter Media

If you need it, we either have it or can find it for you.





We test every air cleaner and purifier and filter using a precision Met One Laser Particle Counter (a $2500 investment) to assure our customers that the products we sell perform according to acceptable professional standards and manufacturer claims.

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